About Alain

I was born in 1961, studied flute and piano at the High school for music and at the Royal Music Conservatory in Antwerp, Belgium. Later I studied composition with the Belgian composer Alain Craens and I received many very valuable guidelines from the Ukrainian composer Alexander Shchetynsky. I am currently the artistic administrator for  the Flemish Radio Choir.

The music I write is classical in the sense that it isn’t pop, on the other hand it’s modern in the sense that it isn’t classical because it isn’t all together tonal, although you shouldn’t be fooled by appearances, perhaps it’s eclectic, then again that could give the impression that I didn’t write it myself, which I did.

The scores on this site can be printed and copied free of charge (except the ones published by Lantro), just give me a sign if you are going to perform one of my works. Many thanks!